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lighting design project: shrine and sargent's daughters galleries
Maura A1.png

Shrine and Sargent’s Daughters galleries share a collective space on Western Ave in Los Angeles. The galleries wanted the lighting to be even, flat and stable so as to not have to hassle with changing lights for every exhibition. Because the two programs are known to showcase both sculpture and wall art, the Studio felt that a linear light following beam patterns would best suit the needs of the clients as we could evenly light the walls and floors.

Maura A2.png

Large windows flank the far end of the space, creating a challenging lighting situation for percption and glare. Even daylighting was mimicked through a window application of a diffuse film. The diffusion helps to flatten out any harsh sunlight streaming through the windows and eliminates shadowing.

Clark A.png

The final look is a clean space with effortless lighting application. A space that can transform with each new artists’ reinterpretation.

Maura A1.png
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